August 22, 2017

Building a Digital Marketplace of Commercially Ready Services

A real digital marketplace requires a robust and well-governed partner ecosystem to introduce, innovate and update a variety of digital service components.

Portal-driven experiences are a must in today’s market. Businesses and consumers demand more control over their service experiences by browsing, purchasing, monitoring, problem-solving, modifying and terminating services through a self-service portal. In response, service providers have started to pursue digital marketplace concepts to give their customers a more personalized experience while offering bundles of cloud, IT and virtualized services.

A digital marketplace not only includes a portal-driven shopping experience and centralized product catalog, but also benefits from a healthy, growing and well-governed partner ecosystem that consistently produces and upgrades new digital offerings. Meanwhile, a digital marketplace also needs to produce commercially ready services that automate licensing, lifecycle management and revenue management.

When building a digital marketplace, service providers can utilize a three-stage approach to automate the process and make sure the environment is populated with a continuous flow of commercially ready services.

  1. Design and create new services.
  2. Commercialize new services without disrupting legacy systems.
  3. Facilitate strong collaboration between partners and stakeholders to enable continuous service innovation.

This approach is based on NEC/Netcracker's own methodology and expertise in delivering digital marketplace solutions for service providers worldwide. It aims to help solve some of the key challenges service providers face as they work to roll out new digital marketplaces and launch a continuous series of new cloud and virtualized services.


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