November 17, 2021

Dynamic Networks Require a New Breed of Resource Inventory

Real-time inventory in the public cloud enables on-demand services, continuous optimization and SLA assurance.

CSPs are building dynamic networks by leveraging 5G, cloud and edge technologies to meet consumer and business requirements for personalized and on-demand services. These new cloud-based networks must be highly agile, automated and scalable while supporting coexistence with legacy networks during this transformation.

Conventional resource inventory systems cannot address these challenges because the manual data entry, daily updates and limited scalability of these outdated systems make it impossible to effectively manage cloud-based networks. In order to support future growth, CSPs must adopt a new approach.

Real-Time Active Resource Inventory
Active resource inventory is a new cloud-native OSS system that provides real-time visibility for all logical networks, resources and infrastructure while serving as a consistent and accurate source of data for the entire BSS/OSS and enterprise application ecosystem.

An active inventory system can assign, reassign, monitor and manage the diverse resources of disparate networks on demand by:

  • Providing a single source of truth through storing both current and planned network states.
  • Reserving service provisioning resources.
  • Identifying current and future faulty states.
  • Optimizing resource utilization in real time.

Active Resource Inventory in the Public Cloud
The flexibility of active inventory systems is essential in supporting distributed deployment and managing physical and virtual network resources. Hosting active resource inventory systems in the public cloud allows CSPs to reduce time to market by accelerating infrastructure procurement and setup processes with predefined configurations and instant resource availability. In addition, the flexibility of the public cloud supports on-demand scaling.

Netcracker and AWS have formed a strategic partnership to bring the benefits of evolved OSS and active inventory systems in the cloud to CSPs. Netcracker’s multivendor and cloud-native Active Resource Inventory on AWS helps CSPs transition away from a centralized monolithic platform on premises to a real-time distributed architecture.

Click here to read our joint whitepaper on combining the cloud capabilities of AWS with Netcracker’s Active Resource Inventory and other components of Netcracker Digital OSS for greater innovation.


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