February 17, 2023

On Video: Senior Telco Execs Discuss Their Transformation to Techcos

What are the most significant barriers when transitioning from a telco to a techco? Are they technical? Cultural? Procedural? Netcracker spoke with its customers to find out.

The world's mobile operators and communications service providers (CSPs) enter 2023 with the telco business at a crossroads. 5G networks are rolling out across the world. By mid-2022, 205 operators in 80 countries had launched 5G mobile services. Their high speed and immense capacity are set to support new consumer habits, changing industrial processes and new ways of working.

To compete in this new environment, CSPs need to make their own organizations future-ready. They need to consider key questions such as:

  • How to transform the company to a software-centric and cloud-enabled business
  • How to digitize customer-facing and B2B services
  • How to replace legacy systems with a cloud-based IT stack
  • How to change company culture to embrace digital transformation
  • How to build omnichannel systems that deliver a seamless, consistent customer experience
  • How to structure the organization to ensure the most effective use of assets such as network, towers, infrastructure etc.

Of course, different telcos are at different stages of their digital transformations. Many are already addressing the above questions through collaborations with strategic partners,such as Netcracker.

In a series of video interviews, CxOs from some of the world's most innovative CSPs explain how they are working with Netcracker to build next-generation services.

du, the Middle Eastern mobile operator, is embarking on a project to become a truly digital telco and to migrate its consumer, mobile, fixed and enterprise services. The company is well-placed to do this. It has invested heavily in 5G and – thanks in part to its partnership with Netcracker – now has a 5G network that reaches 97 percent of the population of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The company’s next priority is to monetize this base and create new 5G use cases. Karim Benkirane, CCO at du, believes Netcracker's experience will prove especially helpful here. He says: "Our aim is to monitor KPIs and customer experience…and then fine tune so we can deliver on the promise. Netcracker will help us in this journey – with their products, but also their advanced analytics...we can leverage their best practices and greenfield programs around the world."


Netcracker's insights are also in demand in Switzerland, where local carrier Swisscom is working with the company on its transition from telco to cloud-native techco.

Peter van der Lee, Tribe Chief at Swisscom, says that Netcracker's market knowledge will be especially useful in helping Swisscom to navigate the strict local compliance environment. “In Switzerland we are heavily regulated,” he says. “We need to have the right data in the right place, so cloud transformation is not as easy here as it is in other countries. Netcracker really has the know-how to help us navigate that.”


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