Andorra Telecom Deploys End-to-End Business and Operations Management System to Roll Out Products Faster and Optimize Productivity


Like consumers all over the world, Andorrans pick up new trends quickly and demand that their service providers deliver personalized offerings and packages quickly though a multitude of devices and platforms. As a result, Andorra Telecom found itself needing to become more agile as a company and broaden the diversity of its communications services.

In the past few years, Andorra has made some significant changes to its network. The operator shut down its ADSL network in favor of faster, fiber-optic connections and it began deploying 4G wireless networks to cover the most populated areas of the country’s seven parishes. These changes motivated Andorra Telecom to also address its wide array of legacy business management and back-office systems, which were slowing its business down. 


Simplicity: Achieving More Through Less 

Andorra Telecom realized that one of the best ways to become more efficient would be to embrace an end-to-end business and operations support systems (BSS and OSS) solution, which would introduce new opportunities to mitigate integration complexities, streamline operations and reduce the time it takes to deliver new services to customers. Andorra Telecom selected Netcracker to enable this transformation.


“Netcracker’s sophisticated fully integrated BSS/OSS suite, field-proven expertise and successful delivery track record were major factors in selecting it for this large-scale transformation. While we have already witnessed the in-depth functionality of Netcracker’s billing solutions, we look forward to experiencing the comprehensive advantages of using its updated end-to-end portfolio.”

— Joan-Marc Lauga, CTO at Andorra Telecom


By deploying an integrated solution, Andorra Telecom minimized the amount of technologies and processes needed to run day-to-day operations. Now it relies on a single solution that combines all of its lines of business and network technologies, dramatically simplifying its business. For example, Andorra can handle any service and any payment method through one revenue management system, making life simpler for its customers and more efficient for its employees.

With Netcracker, Andorra Telecom shed the legacy of several purpose-built solutions. By relying on a single, end-to-end system to run its business, it can create and deliver services faster and rapidly adapt to changing customer demands.


Legacy systems made meeting customer expectations a costly, complex and timely process


Implement a consolidated business and operations management system


  • Streamlined operations
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Improved customer experience

About Andorra Telecom

Andorra Telecom has been the leading telecommunications service provider across the Principality of Andorra for more than 40 years. Established in 1975 and managed by the territory’s government, Andorra Telecom delivers landline, mobile, data, Internet and other services to both residential and commercial customers across the region with the vision of providing offerings with the best quality, price and capabilities for all subscribers.

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