Revitalized Revenue and Customer Management Gives SKY Customers and Representatives New Choices and Better Services


SKY is the No. 1 pay-TV platform in New Zealand and the competition for customers is ever increasing. SKY’s desire is to provide a truly differentiated and superior television experience to its subscribers.

SKY recognized the importance of maximizing customer experience by launching innovative services that make full use of its all-digital platform and extensive content lineup. But because SKY was managing legacy business support systems (BSS), the company wanted to find a way enhance customer experience while using its customer service representatives more efficiently. A modernized, cost-effective BSS solution would also help SKY transform its sales process and further personalize customer engagement while also offering wider self-service capabilities.

Providing More Options for Better Customer Service

In mid-2016, SKY will upgrade its current Revenue and Customer Management solution (supplied by Netcracker) to a newer version. This will provide SKY with enhanced rating and billing capabilities, enabling more seamless interactions while supporting a single customer and product view spanning multiple address locations. The solution enables SKY to introduce more modern digital TV services faster. The introduction of a new solution also supports SKY's quest for personalization and customer self-management by improving service delivery across multiple devices with enhanced self-service capabilities.

Customer service representatives will use SKY’s new systems to gain greater insight into subscriber histories, providing context to tailor offers and improve sales efficiency and overall customer experience.


“It was the strategic partnership, as well as their comprehensive Billing and Revenue Management solution capabilities, that encouraged us to extend our relationship with Netcracker. We look forward to enhancing our customer-centric operations through the use of Netcracker’s product and service offerings.”

— Quinton McKenzie, Head of Billing and Subscriber Services at SKY



Founded in 1990, SKY was New Zealand’s first digital TV service provider and has the largest pay-TV platform in the country. It has since evolved to provide standalone TV offerings and video-on-demand services through its online SKY platform to more than 800,000 subscribers.

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