Cloud Transformation Services

An Extensive Portfolio of Professional Services to Facilitate Migration to the Cloud

Netcracker Cloud Transformation Services provide a comprehensive slate of best practices and methodologies to guarantee cloud-based transformation programs meet overall business and operations goals.


Netcracker’s comprehensive set of professional services is a result of decades of experience, best practices and innovation to help service providers throughout their cloud migration journey. Netcracker teams evaluate customer resources and align them with long-term business goals to develop an optimal transition roadmap that is based on predetermined KPIs. Service providers receive quick access to Netcracker’s pre-configured cloud solutions and an extensive cloud partner ecosystem, accelerating the onboarding process for custom cloud solutions. The use of Agile and DevOps methodologies gives customers tangible benefits prior to program completion. From an operations standpoint, Netcracker relies on its AI-based analytical toolset to bring world-class data protection, data center resource allocation, financial stability and effective performance of cloud solutions.  

Cloud Transformation Services Overview

Cloud Strategy Design

Netcracker Cloud Strategy Design includes a thorough analysis of the service provider’s workforce, systems and infrastructure to develop a logical strategy that results in the most value gained from the project. With decades of telco expertise, Netcracker helps operators set clear transformation goals, introduce necessary changes to their operations and organization, and monitor the results. The business-driven, outcome-oriented structure of Netcracker services prepares customers to select an optimal cloud migration path that is aligned with long-term business goals and rapidly changing market demands.

Cloud Delivery

Netcracker Cloud Delivery accelerates full-scale cloud solution onboarding while supporting individual customer requirements. Netcracker provides customers with immediate access to cloud innovations, allowing them to quickly evaluate and select the necessary capabilities as well as define configurations for their business needs. To speed delivery, Netcracker relies on Agile and DevOps best practices and methodologies.

Multi-Cloud Operations

Netcracker Multi-Cloud Operations offer comprehensive guidance to maximize the value of cloud deployments. During the preparation stage, Netcracker’s experts analyze available cloud options depending on customer needs, including the creation of a multi-layer security perimeter to protect sensitive customer data and comply with international security regulations. Advanced analytics, AI-driven tools, DevOps methodology and collaborative practices stabilize cloud solution performance, control costs, improve operations and support ongoing changes.

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