August 4, 2021

Digital BSS Powers Superior Customer Engagement

Centralized data, intelligent channel management and targeted digital marketing will redefine customer engagement.

Cloud and 5G technologies are drastically increasing the focus on customer experience and redefining methods of interaction between service providers and their customers in business and consumer markets. CSPs must prioritize a consistent customer experience with digital BSS across all channels throughout this era of operational evolution and increasing service complexity. Digital BSS can improve three major areas of customer engagement to optimize the effectiveness of customer interactions.

Centralized Data
CSPs must automate their customer journeys across all communication channels to precisely target customers with customized offers. Centralizing integrated data for every business use case maximizes the ability of CSPs to consistently and effectively engage with customers. Rich customer profiles and intelligent segmentation further centralize data and improve the personalization and management of a customer journey. A focus on centralizing data throughout customer journeys will allow CSPs to surpass their competitors by differentiating their customer experience.

Intelligent Channel Management
Many CSPs today still cannot unify interactions across contact centers, retail shops, direct sales, self-service features, e-commerce portals and mobile apps. Applying the same data model across all customer interaction channels in sales and ordering systems creates omnichannel customer engagement for a better customer experience and greater competitive advantage. An analytics-driven approach establishes intelligent decision-making for that common data model to provide contextual offers in real time, customized content for individual customers and delivery through preferred channels.

Targeted Digital Marketing
Personalizing customer engagement with individual profiles enables CSPs to greatly enhance the precision of digital marketing. Targeted digital marketing eliminates the traditionally negative response to blanket marketing and increases conversion rates and lead generation. CSPs are creating greater upsell opportunities by expanding business models beyond just connectivity, but converting these opportunities requires a targeted strategy and efficient utilization of all available data. Digital BSS helps CSPs overcome the challenges of unifying customer data points with a focused and contextual approach.

The most successful digital companies outside of the telecom industry in retail have already incorporated these capabilities into their core strategies. As CSPs become digital-first, they must pursue customer centricity by developing digital BSS to focus on customer engagement.


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