Netcracker 2020

Making CSPs central to their customers’ digital experience

Netcracker 2020 is a modernized, digital portfolio of products and services that creates the foundation for service innovation and hyper automation for the 5G digital economy.

Netcracker 2020: Modernize business and operations for the 5G era

With the rollout of 5G networks, increased power at the edge and partner-enabled ecosystems bringing new services to market, CSPs need modernized BSS/OSS that meets the new network, IT and business demands these services create.

Netcracker 2020 is a suite of Digital BSS, Digital OSS and Customer Engagement products and professional services that have been redesigned and enhanced for the 5G era. The entire product suite runs on a common Cloud Platform with Advanced Analytics, allowing CSPs to reap the benefits of flexible delivery models, cloud scale and optimized performance.

The new cloud-native digital portfolio is fully open and standards compliant, runs on any cloud platform and allows CSPs to develop their own enhancements or co-develop functions through a low code platform, Agile/DevOps processes and blueprint delivery approach. Central to Netcracker 2020 is an industry-leading security framework, designed to provide the highest level of proven system-wide security and privacy, which is critical in an era of increased cyber attacks, intrusion and disruption.

Netcracker 2020: Radically transforming customer engagement

Netcracker 2020 helps CSPs to innovate customer engagement with an intuitive mobile-first self-service offering, digital marketplace and e-commerce solutions and AI-driven, end-to-end customer journey management.

CSPs can anticipate their customers’ needs using AI-driven contextual interactions that go beyond problem solving and deliver relevant new services that combine their own services with those from partners and enriched with 5G experiences. Personalized offerings can be dynamically created and delivered with a ground-breaking, gaming-style user experience and cross-partner loyalty schemes.

Netcracker 2020: Rapid monetization with dynamic partner ecosystems

Netcracker 2020 Digital BSS enables access to new revenue sources in a digital world and accelerates the time to launch and scale new lines of business, such as IoT, 5G, cloud applications and virtualized services. Business processes are automated across the entire customer lifecycle from discovery, shopping, ordering and billing to payment and maintenance.

Netcracker 2020 also helps to build dynamic digital ecosystems that quickly adapt to changing business and market needs. With automated onboarding, simplified lifecycle management and partner-centric B2B2X opportunities, Netcracker Digital BSS enables CSPs to become both leaders and enablers of new platform-based monetization opportunities in diverse markets.

Netcracker 2020: Enabling hyper automation

Netcracker 2020 uses a new operational model to remove manual tasks and drive hyper automation across network domains, services that cross domains, business processes and channels.

Digital OSS and orchestration functions are combined to create fully autonomous domains in closed loop in the core (4G/5G), transport (IP/MPLS, Optical, Microwave), edge (Open vRAN, SD-WAN, Edge Cloud) and across domains (cross-domain services and network slicing).

Netcracker 2020 digital applications are cloud native, driven by AI/advanced analytics and designed to run in a multi-cloud environment, delivering the same high performance and resiliency on public clouds as telco cloud platforms.  

Netcracker 2020: A new services and delivery model

Netcracker 2020 professional services enable successful digital transformations with a value-based approach. Using our unique benefit realization management methodology, digital transformation roadmaps are designed in line with business goals and priorities.

Delivery is optimized with our Agile/DevOps methodologies and blueprint approach providing an extensive library of out-of-the-box processes and functional capabilities to minimize lengthy requirements gathering phases and accelerate solution delivery.

To accelerate cloud migration, Netcracker provides a set of specialized, cloud enablement services that help CSPs build, migrate to or enhance cloud-native IT environments. These include multi-cloud hosting options and enhanced security capabilities that ensure outstanding solution reliability, stability and availability.

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