Agile Virtualization Platform and Practice

Accelerate the commercialization of new network technologies.

Simplify the transition to software-defined and virtualized networks and, ultimately, the transformation into digital service providers by supporting greater cross-department collaboration.

AVP Overview

Customers want more personalized, digital services to be available anywhere at any time—a trend that is fundamentally changing how businesses operate. The path to meeting customer demands, as well as bringing innovative services to market faster and reducing overhead directly parallels each service provider’s own digital transformation.


For many traditional network operators, becoming a digital service provider is a top priority.  Software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) technologies are key enablers to this digital transformation.  Progress is underway and trials for SDN/NFV are increasingly common, but the small number of deployments indicates that there is a gap between the optimistic vision and the pragmatic execution.

Service providers are finding it difficult to deploy these technologies, and the business processes they require, at scale.  This is where NEC and Netcracker can help.  Together and separately we have been investing heavily in SDN and NFV technologies and the launch of our Agile Virtualization Platform and Practice increases that investment.

It’s time to move the industry forward…  and the next step is your most important one.

NEC and Netcracker's AVP fosters collaboration by removing the key barriers to progress:

Commercialization Uncertainty

The inability to quickly identify, build and launch new revenue-generating services across new network environments.

Operational Complexity

The challenge in managing existing network operations alongside new virtualized network operations. These hybrid networks require balancing emerging services and technologies with current systems while identifying the appropriate tools and processes needed to create Agile development environments that support IT and network requirements. 

Organizational Misalignment

The lack of personnel with the appropriate skillsets to harness new capabilities brought about by virtualization and address the complexities in implementing new solutions and strategies across numerous internal teams and external vendors. 

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AVP Components:

Virtualization Development and Operations Center

The Virtualization Development and Operations Center (VDOC) is a first-of-its-kind Agile collaboration environment designed to automate end-to-end service lifecycle management. It enables collaboration across departments and with third-party partners, including solution vendors or systems integrators. VDOC simplifies and accelerates service integration, testing and deployment by leveraging an always expanding library of reusable service components.

Business Enablement Applications

Business Enablement Applications

Business Enablement Applications (BEA) are designed to accelerate the commercialization of new digital services that leverage virtual and software-define networks. BEA fills the gaps with existing BSS by providing applications that support on-demand services, cost-effective partner management and the monetization of emerging business models. Delivered through an architecture built on microservices, it enables a plug-n-play approach to expanding existing BSS functionality vs. today’s options of carrying out expensive upgrades or full-scale transformations.

Hybrid Operations Management

Hybrid Operations Management (HOM) is focused on making virtual and traditional networks simultaneously operate at scale a reality. HOM leverages years of proven expertise in end-to-end service management and MANO and solves the gaps missing in today’s solutions for automating hybrid network management, including assurance, continual optimization and security. HOM integrates with VDOC to create a dynamic and continuous feedback loop between product and development environments.


Primary Systems Integration Practice

The Primary Systems Integration Practice (PSIP) helps service providers overcome the commercial, operational and organizational challenges preventing them from leveraging virtualization technologies in multivendor, best-of-breed ecosystems. NEC/Netcracker’s services cover all stages of virtualization initiatives - from the initial definition of the program and its business case to the full transfer of operations. Leveraging years of experience with Agile deployments and software-driven services, PSIP helps service providers transform their static, proprietary hardware-dependent environments into dynamic, software-driven ecosystems.