NEC/Netcracker NaaS

Quickly deliver value-added services and generate new revenue over virtualized infrastructure.

An end-to-end environment that enables the rapid creation, deployment and monetization of services across B2B and residential markets.


The B2B market is ready for change due to network services not keeping pace with demand and rising IT costs brought about by the need to rely on multiple provider solutions to accommodate broad service needs. With NEC/Netcracker NaaS, service providers can fundamentally change how business services are delivered and consumed, leveraging cloud and virtualized technologies to deliver value-added services on top of the connectivity they already provide. The same solution can also be applied to the residential market to help service providers reduce costs associated with delivering new and innovative services to end users.

Not only will NEC/Netcracker NaaS help service providers open new revenue opportunities, but it will also allow them to enable the best possible experience, resulting in strong, long-term relationships with their customers.

NEC/Netcracker NaaS is the industry’s first full-service solution specifically designed to help service providers deliver new on-demand services without taking any unnecessary risks associated with launching virtualization initiatives at scale. It brings together traditional network services, value-added services and cloud applications in a single, partner-driven cloud marketplace. This unique offering, which is built on NEC/Netcracker’s Agile Virtualization Platform and Practice (AVP), enables the faster commercialization of new services.

Agile Virtualization Platform and Practice

Features & Benefits

Generate Revenue
  • Capture a larger share of business and residential markets.
  • Deliver new on-demand network services, cloud-based applications, VNFs and more.
  • Move up the customer value chain by providing more than just basic connectivity.
Transform the Customer Engagement Model
  • Enable customers to personalize their offerings through a self-service, on-demand cloud marketplace.
  • Offer a single touchpoint for all services, eliminating the need for customers to seek out multiple providers.
  • Enable flexible payment models to suit business and consumer requirements.
Take the Risk Out of Virtualization
  • Evolve the cloud marketplace with an array of VNFs and applications.
  • Monetize new services without disrupting legacy ecosystems.
  • Evolve services at the customers' pace of investment and scale, without interfering with day-to-day business operations.

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